Monday, July 1, 2019

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Install Db2 Web Query Version 2.2.1!

Whether you’re entering your summer fun months or getting prepared for winter, it’s a really good time to start thinking about getting your Db2 Web Query environment up to the latest level!

Just like the famous scene in the movie “A Few Good Men,” you need answers, but more than that, YOU NEED THE TRUTH! So here’s the truth. 

Nearly a year ago IBM announced end of support would be coming for the older release of Db2 Web Query, Version 2.1.x.  That end of support time is coming soon. IBM did NOT end support for Db2 Web Query, nor is Db2 Web Query going away. This is BUSINESS AS USUAL that when a newer version of software comes out, eventually support for older versions goes away. For example, I bet you understood the message about older OS levels going out of support!

If you missed the announcement note that support for 2.1 versions ends in September, 2019.

The LATEST version of Db2 Web Query as of this writing is Version 2.2.1. Don’t get confused….its 2.1 that is going away. If I recall correctly from my math days, 2.2 is greater than 2.1. And in this case, much greater!  And it has never been EASIER with our latest EZ-Install package for initial installation AND upgrading from previous releases, like 2.1.

The updated EZ-Install simplifies the installation or upgrade process but is much MORE than just laying down the licensed program products. With this latest version the IBM Db2 Web Query team has added additional sample reports and provides a TEST DRIVE and INTRO TO INFOASSIST set of tutorials for you to learn the product right out of the gate. As with previous EZ-Install packages, it has a pre-req checker, a Query/400 Discovery tool, the sample reports, and a date dimension table! EZ-Install loads up ALL products under a 70-day trial (which you can even extend for another 40 days if needed). 

System Administrators might like some of the new and updated reports over IBM i Services.

Adding multiple system information for the PTF Currency report and System Status reports makes it easier to view metrics across all your IBM i LPARs/Server.

New or updated reports/charts are available for looking at system storage related metrics. Below is an example of an included temporary storage visualization.  

One of my favorite new reports is a spoolfile display report with a drill down to convert the spool file to PDF (and can easily be enhanced to convert to other formats, like Excel or HTML).  

Because I know you can handle the truth, here is a bit more truth: Db2 Web Query Version 2.2.1 is the ONLY version (today) of Db2 Web Query that supports the latest IBM i OS release - 7.4. The upgrade process is VERY  EASY with the EZ-Install package, so there is no sense waiting around till its too late! 

If you have any questions or need to request the latest EZ-Install package, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help (please include the serial number of your system if requesting EZ-Install).