Friday, June 10, 2016

Welcome to My DB2 Web Query for i Blog!

The intent of the blog is to share illuminating information and guidance on aspects of the DB2 Web Query product set and use of DB2 for i for analytics. Who knows, I might even wander of into some musings about the challenges faced when you get the dreaded "you're not serious" comment when suggesting IBM i and DB2 for i for your BI/Analytics application platform!  Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting ! I'll also pull in my colleagues and friends that also have a wealth of expertise as guest bloggers from time to time as we develop more content here. 

DB2 Web Query is the IBM i based Business Intelligence/Analytics product designed to integrate with the IBM i operating system and DB2 for i database. With it, you can start simply by modernizing your Query/400 and RPG reporting environment, start adding more compelling visualizations, or even evolve it into full blown data warehousing – all leveraging your current infrastructure as an IBM i user.

While I work on building up some posts in the coming weeks – be sure to check out the links here on the right hand side to learn more about this product – that you most likely already own!